Prostitution in Islamabad

Prostitution In Islamabad – Causes And Effects

Prostitution in Islamabad has been a big issue since the government started implementing strict laws against it. Prostitution is illegal in Pakistan and the law is very clear about it. Prostitution is considered to be an immoral act. It is something which destroys the values of Pakistan and the society in general. For anyone who values money and time, then prostitution in Islamabad is something that he or she should stay away from.

However, we know that prostitution in Islamabad is only a minor problem which occurs in a particular area. Prostitution is not at all common in all the districts of Islamabad. Most of the girls who work as prostitutes in the different parts of Pakistan are educated and upper class. The working conditions and living conditions for them are also good.

But, this has not stopped the Islamabad police from cracking down on the prostitution problem in Islamabad. Recently, we have seen the arrests of the most famous and successful operators of brothels in the city. The police have become very determined and tough when it comes to tackling the menace of prostitution in Pakistan. Prostitution in Islamabad has become a major social problem and has affected the lives of hundreds and thousands of women and girls.

All the cities of Pakistan have been targets of prostitution. Some areas of Pakistan have more number of prostitution than others. In fact, each and every city of Pakistan has its own reputation of having more prostitution than others. But, this has not deterred the government or the people from fighting against the prostitution menace in Islamabad.

Recently, there was an operation called Operation Brooke’s Packet, which was a coordinated effort of the Police, Federal Investigation Agency and the Interior Ministry. The reason behind the operation was to crack down on the prostitution industry in Islamabad. The operation was totally successful and the results showed that the brothels in Islamabad were no longer operating. It was then when the PMLN came into picture. The PMLN was started as a think tank and it was initially formed to help the people of Pakistan to fight the terrible problem of prostitution.

Initially, the PMLN only focused on Karachi and Islamabad but later on, it has expanded its service to other cities of Pakistan. The PMLN motto is ‘No Laws For Life’ and they work towards providing protection and promotion to women and girls who are caught in the mazari. The motto of the PMLN is an eye for an eye attitude. It does not have any religion involved and it believes in the humanitarian approach and working for the common welfare. They believe that every woman and girl in Pakistan should be free from all kinds of exploitation irrespective of their religion, caste and community.

The head office of the PMLN in Islamabad has two police stations namely, police station g-10 and police station waksal. The police station g-10 is located at Nazimabad and is situated next to the National Bar Association and the police station nasal is located at Islamabad L Lumpur. These police stations are responsible for the regulation of the prostitution in Islamabad.

Besides these police stations, the main supply point of the prostitution in Islamabad is the madrasa. Mostly, young girls, street children and street vendors are trapped in the trap of the criminals and pimps. The girls from this sector are targeted by the pimps and they are forced to engage in prostitution. There is hardly any attempt by the government or the local people to tackle the prostitution in Islamabad or to prevent it.